Following are the terms & conditions and code of conducts & ethics set by Citizens Advice Bureau India, which are applicable to all associates including Business Associates, Associate Advisors, Freelancers, Telecaller/Support Executives and Business Development Officers:-

1. Unique Associate Code (UAC),  if  any,  allotted  (which  allotment,  if  any,  shall  be  at  the  sole  discretion  of  Citizens Advice Bureau India) to  you  have  to  be  written  at  the  appropriate  place,  on  the application form(s).  Any claim for commissions/incentives will be entertained only in case you have mentioned the Unique Associate Code allotted to you in the said form(s).  We  are  not  liable  for  any  error  arising  out  of  wrong  Associate  Code  or  missing  Associate  Code  in  the  form(s).

2. Commissions/benefits  will  be  paid  at  rates  specified,  on  our  receiving  the  same  from  the  company(ies)/clients.  Incentive, if  any,  will  be  communicated  to you  for  select  issues  on  a  case-to  case  basis.

3. In  the  event  an  application  of  the  client  has  been  rejected/refused/returned,  you  shall  not  be  entitled  to  receive  any  fee,  commission or incentive  on  the  same.

4. In the event of pre-mature withdrawal of the invested amount by the client, you agree that we shall have the right to recover and/or adjust the fees, commissions, benefits, incentives etc., if any, paid to you on such application.

5. In  consideration  of  you  having  been  empaneled  with Citizens Advice Bureau India, you  agree  not  to  accept  any  investment(s)  in  cash  and/or  in  your  own  name  and  shall  at  all times obtain and maintain all necessary authorization/registration, as per applicable law . Further, you shall not hold yourself out to be an investment adviser, agent, representative, employee of Citizens Advice Bureau India.  Any breach  of  this  clause,  you  agree  to  indemnify  Citizens Advice Bureau India  for  any  loss  incurred  and/or  suffered  by Citizens Advice Bureau India.  Only if  requested  by  Citizens Advice Bureau India  you  shall  collect  the  application  form(s)  from  the  clients.

6. If  so  requested  by  Citizens Advice Bureau India,  all  application(s)/investment(s)  should  be  collected  by  means of  Accounts  payee  Cheque / Bank Draft/Pay Order/ DD  made payable  to  the  company/the  its  Bankers as specified on the  application form.  We have not authorized any one to accept cash/ money orders, postal orders or any other forms of remittance on our (Citizens Advice Bureau India) behalf.  We  are  not  liable  for  any  such  transaction  entered  into  which  involve  handling  of  CASH.

7. We shall use our best efforts to provide up to date information and a list containing the details of mobilization/investment generated through your Unique Associate Code.  You  appreciate  and  acknowledge  that,  we  are  sharing/would  be  sharing  with  you  confidential  information  including  but  not  limited  to  our  business  processes  and our intellectual  property rights  (existing  or future)(collectively  ‘Confidential  Information’),  which has been developed over a period of four  decades or which may be developed in future and accordingly you are required to maintain strict confidentiality of the Confidential Information including but not limited to the client information.  Further,  you  agree  that  during  the  term  of  this  association  and  thereafter ,  you  shall  not  either  directly  or  indirectly  approach/solicit/induce/entice  any of the clients, associates/members, employees of Citizens Advice Bureau India to leave Citizens Advice Bureau India and join you. In the event of breach of this clause, we may at our sole discretion withdraw/terminate this letter of appointment and all the benefits attached with it. Under such an eventuality, you would be under an obligation to return  us  all  the  Confidential  Information  in  your  possession  no  later  than  7 (seven)  days  from  the  date  of  such  withdrawal/termination.

8. Commissions, Fees, Incentives,  if  any,  will only  be  paid  by  cheque/NEFT  in  the  name  of  the  associate,  subject  to  TDS  applicable  (and  not  to  any  nominee  or other  person)  and  will  be  marked-  Account  payee.

9. Any change in Associate Code or name will not be allowed except at our sole direction. Clubbing of Associate Codes is not permissible except at our sole discretion.

10. We reserve the right to discontinue this -association without assigning any reason at any point of time.  We also reserve the right to alter, amend, add, delete and modify any of the above mentioned terms and conditions.

11. You  covenant  with Citizens Advice Bureau India that  at  the  time  of  entering  into  this  arrangement  there  are  no  existing  breaches  of  law ,  regulation  and/or  notifications. During the  continuance  of  this  arrangement  you  agree  to  abide  by  all  applicable  laws.

12. You may appoint such number of persons in any capacity.  However, there shall be no privacy of contract between Citizens Advice Bureau India and such persons appointed by you  and Citizens Advice Bureau India shall  not, in  any way,  be liable  or responsible  for  the  actions/omissions or commission  of such  persons.  You agree to  hold Citizens Advice Bureau India indemnified  from  any  claims,  loss  or  damage  arising  from  the  actions/omissions  of  yourself  and/or  such  persons.

13. You  shall  not  guarantee  any  returns  to  clients/investors  nor  make  any  representation  or  advertisement,  in  any  manner  and/or  of  any  nature,  to clients/investors,  without  the  specific  written  authorization  of  Citizens Advice Bureau India  and  where  permitted,  shall  only  use advertising/promotional  material authorized/permitted  by  Citizens Advice Bureau India.

14. Citizens Advice Bureau India reserves  the  right  to  terminate  this  arrangement (i)  at any time  without assigning any reasons;  (ii)  immediately  in  the  event of breach of any of the  terms  and  conditions  or  any  applicable  law  including  those  prescribed  by  SEBI,  IRDA  and/or  such  other  regulatory  authority.

15. The  appointment  made  hereunder  does  not  in  any  manner  create  or  seek  to  create  any  employer-employee  or  master-servant  or  agent-principal relationship  between Citizens Advice Bureau India and yourself. You shall have no right to bind Citizens Advice Bureau India and/or any of its group companies, sister concerns in any manner whatsoever.

16. In  the  event  of  any  dispute  arising  between  both  of  us,  the  Courts  at  New  Delhi  shall  have  exclusive  jurisdiction  to  resolve  any  such  dispute.