(Mrs. Mamta Shah)

Dear Colleague,

You are most welcome in Citizens Advice Bureau India.   

As I write this message, there is much change and promise of progress and development around us. There are fresh faces heading our government and we expect rapid growth in all areas, as the development sector continues to do its best for bringing about social change in India. Citizens Advice Bureau India encourages associates to contribute their time, skills and energies to enhance the work being carried out at the grass root level.

As you would be aware, Citizens Advice Bureau India has recently completed three years of its journey with the commitment to the development of community through guidance, education, training, research and experience sharing. The forerunners of the Bureau have contributed plenty folds to make Citizens Advice Bureau India what it stands today. In the last financial year, Citizens Advice Bureau initiated a wide range of activities. The emphasis has been to reach out to as many citizens as possible and by offering value add.  

We have gone a long way in our venture for helping out people and learning change in the society. Still there is a long way to go. By this time our experience has thought us many things. We have learnt how to change adversity in to opportunity. With this knowledge and the goodwill and support of the people of our project area, we sure, we shall continue to get the goodwill and support of the people as before. 

Living with the spirit of service in your career with support from your cooperation, you will not only serve but serve best, simultaneously experiencing immense personal growth, development and inner satisfaction which will give a high better than that of any other form of success. The returns to the volunteer/advisors are a sense of achievement, job satisfaction, personal growth and development, value added living, recognition and the knowledge of their true worth. It is a feeling that will make you soar.

You all would agree that youths are the backbone of sustained growth. Capability building of youths and to nurture them to meet the challenges of ever evolving dynamic business environment is a duty cast upon us. 

Our task is enormous and calls for proactive approach, spirit of excellence, collective wisdom and coordinated team work. I seek your personal participation, guidance and support in building upon the excellent work already done for the healthy growth and development of the bureau. I request you all to refer your colleagues, friends, family from professional as well as social service background to become a member of Citizens Advice Bureau India. Let’s work together to build up the bureau stronger. 

I express my thanks and gratitude to all those who have helped us, assisted us and cooperated with us in the implementation of our various programs, citizens’ services and activities. We are indebted to the people of our project area for their love, affection and good will for our bureau. We are sure; we will continue to get it in further also.

With warm regards,

Mamta Shah
Founder CEO
Citizens Advice Bureau India
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