We all are consumers and as consumers we expect value for money, i.e., right quality, right prices, right quantity, proper information about the products, etc. But the fact is that the consumers, whether the well off or the poor, are still victims of unscrupulous and exploitative practices. Exploitation of consumers assumes numerous forms, such as lack of access and availability, suspect food, spurious drugs, dubious hire purchase plans, high prices, poor quality, deficient services, deceptive advertisements, hazardous products, black marketing and many more.

In India, the legal system experienced a revolution with the enactment of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 which was specifically designed to protect consumer interests. The scope of consumer protection covers measures against defects in good, deficiency in services, abusive business practices, unfair business practices, fraud and misrepresentation. The need is for creating awareness and educating the consumer for making them equipped to understand and handle complex issues related to consumer protection. In this background the present course will aim to introduce the participants to the existing law and practice relating to consumer protection in India.

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