How does one complain to the Citizens Advice Bureau India?

Should your complaint be about prejudice, you should try to solve the problem yourself before complaining to the Public Protector, for example by:

  • speaking to the official(s) involved or, if that does not help,
  • writing to the person in charge of the official(s), for example the Head of the Department, or the Managing Director.

You may also consider approaching your Member of Parliament or State Legislative Assembly. Only if you are then still unable to solve the problem, should you write to the Citizens Advice Bureau India. The following information should be contained in the compliant letter:

  • the nature of the complaint
  • background and history of the complaint
  • the reasons why you feel the complaint should be initiated by the Citizens Advice Bureau India
  • the steps you have taken to solve the problem yourself (if applicable). You should mention names of the officials you have been dealing with, on what dates, and what was said. Copies of any correspondence between you and the officials should be attached to your letter or with e-mail.
  • a telephone number and e-mail Id where you can be reached, if you have one.

In some instances the Citizens Advice Bureau India may require a statement under oath before initiating the compliant process.

If you are unsure whether your problem is something the Citizens Advice Bureau India will investigate, or if you cannot write, you can phone the Citizens Advice Bureau India help-desk. There are trained professional staff members who will listen to a complaint, big or small, and conduct investigations. In some cases the staff can help people to find quick solutions to their problems. The staff can also tell you where to complain if the Citizens Advice Bureau India cannot help you.

A complaint must be reported to the Citizens Advice Bureau India within one year from the occurrence of the incident concerned.

How do we help people?

After receiving compliant online, our legal expert read the compliant carefully and prepare it in appropriate legal form. After that the complaint is sent to appropriate government agency for redressal. Our team monitor the status of compliant regularly by chasing with the government officials. However, Citizens Support Executives of the Citizens Advice Bureau India can help by telling you where to complain or what to do in the above cases.

Please note that

The success of any action by the Citizens Advice Bureau India depends on the free flow of information, not only from complainants and other relevant individuals, but also from government departments and agencies. Often complainants fear that they might be victimized if they should “blow the whistle” on corrupt or improper practices.  The public should therefore remember that all information that comes to the office can be treated as confidential.  This also applies to the identity of complainants and the sources of information.

Method to submit a public compliant

  • Online submission by filling web enabled Online Compliant Form
  • E-mail submission by mailing detailed complaint to
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