Filing an RTI application lets you exercise your right to seek information from the government, regardless of your social strata, location, or background. It is your opportunity now to have your voice heard in every power corridor of the nation, if you so choose; and we believe, you must exercise this choice as a responsible citizen. As a concerned Indian citizen, the RTI Act allows you to make a positive difference in the governance and democracy of the country.

We handle several different types of RTI applications including those relating to Passport delays, Provident fund issues, Life insurance, Land and Property related queries, State and Central examinations, Defense Forces, State and Central banks, etc., to name some of the more common types of applications that we handle.

We make the cumbersome and often time consuming process of filing an RTI application, simple and easy.

You merely provide your details with your queries and we handle the rest of the process for you. Our RTI specialists carefully scrutinize and analyze your information requirement(s), identify the appropriate government authority and the correct address and Public Information Officer (PIO) for your application, and format your application based on the set guidelines and our best practices.

We send you our carefully planned and drafted application for your review and approval. We then duly submit approved and signed application to the concerned government authority along with the stipulated payment in the specified payment mode.

We ensure a smooth, streamlined and transparent system with feedback and interaction with you at every stage and progress of your application. With a quick application assessment, analysis, and state-of-the-art drafting process, we promptly turn around the final product in the form of your refined application for your review and approval.

We strive to ensure that your application is effective in getting you the information you seek in a complete and timely manner. In addition to our built-in internal process interactions at every phase, we also engage with you in real time live chat, e-Mails and Phone calls, as required from time to time. We leave no stone unturned in the quality and excellence in satisfaction of every one of our customers.

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