What you will see is the truth. The truth that lives alongside us all… in the house down the street, in the next room, on your pillow, in tomorrow’s breakfast.  The truth in all its facets – beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking, stark. We believe that Citizens Advice Bureau India is not afraid to look the truth in the eye, take its hand and embrace it. After all, it belongs to all of us. And when we recognize the truth, when we discover that it is part of us, part of the things we cherish, then what? Then we know it is time to think – perhaps to act.

The stories that citizens share with us in Citizens Advice Bureau India give us a unique and fresh insight into the problems faced by people living in India. With over 2 million citizens each year, it’s the kind of evidence that’s hard to ignore; it becomes all too apparent when policies and services cause people issues. We see it as our responsibility to create a public debate around these issues and speak up for our clients. You can support our campaigns to change things for the better.

Our nation is facing seven major problems i.e. Corruption, Population, Poverty, Illiteracy, Dearness, Unemployment and, Terrorism. To reduce and overcome these problems we have started following campaigns:-

Social Equity & Justice for all Thumb to Signature
Child Labour Elimination Through Education End Starvation in India
Encouraging Women’s Latent Talent Empowering Adolescent Girls
Fight against Corruption in India Right to Education & Employment
Respect Freedom Fighters Donate Blood, Save Life
Do Your Vote Carefully Invisible Girl Support Project







Support us

Each year millions of people encounter a problem that they feel unable to tackle alone. Our free, independent and confidential advice means they don’t have to. And if you ever need us, we hope to be here for you too. We don’t just advise our clients. We campaign to improve the policies and practices that affect all of our lives. Your support will make our voice even stronger.

As you know , now a day’s most of the organizations are facing financial problem and we are not separate from it, this mammoth task cannot be completed without your generous support, we therefore request you to help us to others who need it most. Our members, who come from various walks of life are very dedicated and have, in a short span of time, have held various camps in different places throughout the country. In other words, for helping the under privileged, who are victims social, physical, economic or any other form of abuse, in any way which can directly or indirectly benefit mankind.

You can support/sponsor for our social initiative programs by depositing any amount directly through internet banking, NEFT transfer, Cash Deposit Challan etc. in our following current bank account.

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Youcan also donate to our Bureau by making a cheque in favour of CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU INDIA and depositing it at your nearest HDFC Bank branch. Click here to find a HDFC Bank Branch closest to you. After payment towards sponsorship, kindly fill out online Donation Form.

A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.